Join us as we fight to stop exploitation of the publicly owned Wood Lot in Plymouth

The County Wood Lot is a 106 acre tract of land located off Exit 5 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  It is held in trust by the County Commissioners for the benefit of the public.  Yet, closed door deals, corruption, and lawsuits are embroiling the County’s efforts to sell of this land to the highest bidder so that it can pad its budget.

As County Commissioner Dan Pallotta stated in 2010, “the key to our financial stability is gravel.  It’s cash and carry…if we are generating substantial revenues from the sand and gravel on our properties we we’ll be in better shape than most every city and town in the county.”

2010_WickedLocal_Sale of county land on Long Pond Road still in limbo

Now, the second “bait and switch” involving local zoning and this area of Town is likely to result in complete destruction of the Wood Lot by County Commissioners who see nothing but dollar signs for their salaries.

The Plymouth County Commissioners are engaged in various money-making schemes that will destroy the 106-acre County Woodlot on Long Pond Road.  The County operates like a fiefdom, under the tyrannical hand of County Commissioner Dan Pallotta.  The County Woodlot is owned by “the inhabitants of Plymouth County.”  Yet, Mr. Pallotta believes this is the County’s asset to be exploited in any way he sees fit.  The County needs to generate some cash-and guess what, the public’s land has valuable sand and gravel that can be mined for millions of dollars.  After it levels the site, the County will likely seek to change the zoning from residential to commercial or industrial.  Then the Town of Plymouth — not the County — will bear the cost of more water, sewer, schools, traffic, and loss of community character.

For over 100 years since the Woodlot was donated to the public, local residents have enjoyed the County Woodlot’s unique ecology.  There are trails for hiking, hunting, and nature observation that are enjoyed by people from all walks of life.  There are open fields where the public picnics, flies kites and walks.

Join the fight to Save the Woodlot and tell the County Commissioners: hands off our Woodlot!


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead


One thought on “Join us as we fight to stop exploitation of the publicly owned Wood Lot in Plymouth

  1. If the dirt I’m removing from the wood lot is worth 7 million dollars I have a DEAL for you

    PAY me the 750k I have invested in the 200,00 yards of dirt to date and ITS yours.

    Talk about Fake news You should go to work for Trump


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